Rajasthan acts to curb vexatious litigation

Jaipur, Sep 21 (IANS) The Rajasthan assembly on Monday passed a legislation to curb vexatious litigation, becoming the fifth state in India to do so.

The Rajasthan Vexatious Litigation (Prevention) Bill, 2015, was passed by voice vote, to cover both civil and criminal cases in the high court and subordinate courts.

Introducing the bill, Law and Legal Affairs Minister Rajendra Singh Rathore said: “Rajasthan will be the fifth state to have such an act after Maharashtra, Goa, Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh.”

According to the bill, the tendency to file vexatious litigation was increasing. The courts have shown their anguish by imposing heavy costs on vexatious litigants.

These litigants persistently file baseless cases and misuse the process of law to settle personal scores.

Besides harassing the innocent, these also put strain on the already overburdened judicial system.

“Over 2.28 lakh cases are presently pending in the Rajasthan High Court, and almost 10-15 percent fall under this category,” said Rathore.

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