Rajnath lauds Muslim families for thwarting ISIS influence in India

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Bengaluru, Jan. 1 (ANI): Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday praised Muslim families across the nation for their major role in preventing the influence of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) in India and said that it was their ‘family values’ that made the Islamic community do so.

“I am proud of the Islamic community in India. Their family values are such that if there is any child in their family who gets radicalised by ISIS, then they do everything in their power to stop their son from doing so. This is the level of their family values and I congratulate them,” Rajnath said speaking at an event here.

Congratulating the Muslim families for their endeavours, he added that ISIS was spreading its roots and growing across the world, but were not able to do the same in India due to the efforts of the Islamic community.

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Talking about the government’s plans for the nation in the upcoming days, he added that Prime Minister Narendra Modi wanted to ensure that nobody starved or was left uneducated nor should a single youth be bereft of higher education.

“We also want to provide security to everyone as internal security is the responsibility of the Home Ministry. Even though we can’t guarantee absolute security, we are trying to ensure that India remains safe from Maoism, extremism and fundamental activities.

Earlier, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar had said that that India will join the fight against the ISIS only if the United Nations approves a resolution and there is a UN mission against them. (ANI)

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