Rakhi Sawant threatens to storm censor chief’s house and oust him from his post

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Rakhi Sawant…I am not a porn star from abroad!

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. No, we are not talking about love here. It’s about Bollywood item girl-turned actress Rakhi Sawant who spits venom at the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) when they issued an ‘A’ certificate for her upcoming movie Ek Kahani Julie Ki.

The 37-year-old actress threatened CBFC chairman Pahlaj Nihalani to barging into his house and pulling him down while accusing him of making bribe-driven decisions to pass films for public viewing.

“The censor board should be shut down as they do nothing but to take money from big banners and tease the poor producers. They openly ask for bribes and take unnecessary advantage of their position; the people sitting there are literally incompetent and uneducated. I will make sure we shut it down. I will get inside Pahlaj Nihalani’s house and pull him down from his chairman’s chair. If he doesn’t know anything he should resign and I will sit at his place, I think I can do the job better, at least I’ll not be biased and categorize producers according to their banners,” she said.

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Rakhi’s forthcoming thriller drama was initially given a U/A and  was later changed to an ‘A.’

“Is it because we have not given them any money that is why they have changed our certificate to ‘A’ or the reason is just that Rakhi Sawant is in the movie. I guess they have issues that an item girl has managed to become a heroine. They have all lost their minds. I’m country’s daughter, a Bollywood star, an actress and an item girl at least not a porn star. So, how can you take such a decision,” she added.

Hush…Sunny Leone!

“I have not come from abroad and I am not a porn star. They have issued an U/A certificate to a film like Ek Paheli Leela in which a porn star has shown all kind of filth, nudity and obscene content and we have not even worn short dresses. I am struggling for the last 12 years in the industry and have no adult content in the movie, still we are sitting with an A certificate,” she said.

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Sunny Leone, incidentally, is the most Googled celebrity in Bollywood and Rakhi’s name is nowhere in the list! Is that a criteria for the censors, we don’t know!

Rakhi further said that she has approached the Bombay High Court and urged them to take cognizance of the Censor Board’s irrational decisions.

“I am definitely going to teach a lesson to the censor board, I’m going to fight against them, I have already made an appeal before the High Court to take strict action against them following their biased decision. I think the court should take the screening responsibility in their hands and remove the censor board from the country,” said the Buddha Mar Gaya actress.

If she barges into Pahlaj Nihalani’s house we are sure there are many in Bollywood to follow her!

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However, Rakhi said the movie will follow its scheduled release date despite all the fuss. Helmed by Aziz Zee, the movie also features newcomers Amit Mehra, Jimmy Sharma and Saniya Pannu in important roles. – CINEWS

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