Ram Gopal Varma defends Katrina winning Patil award

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Verma…98.5 % people hate her, other 1.5% don’t know what they are talking.

When Katrina Kaif was awarded the prestigious Smita Patil Memorial Award for her contribution to the Hindi film industry there were many criticisms in the press and on social media.

The actress was also subjected to a great deal of trolling on social media.

But  director Ram Gopal Varma has come to her rescue.

The controversial director took to Twitter to express why he feels Katrina deserves the Smita Patil Memorial Award.

He tweeted, “For all the hue n cry people making on Katrina getting Smita Patil award, I think Smita Patil herself wud have felt honoured to be compared.”

He added, “Smita Patil was from everything to everything but Katrina rose from Nothing to Everything which I think is a far far bigger achievement. Smita Patil came from an already built foundation of theatre and voice experience training so it’s no surprise she shined on the screen. Katrina came in with no voice, no acting, no dancing ability and then kept on shocking everybody with her ever continuous meteoric rise. Difference btwn Smita Patil and Katrina is trained mountain climber conquering Everest nd who can’t walk properly doing it. My case rests.”

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The director further tweeted, “98.5 % people hating Katrina getting Smita Patil award are just jealous of her success and other 1.5% don’t know what they are talking about.” –  CINEWS

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