Ram Gopal Varma’s social media rant against his teachers lands him in legal mess

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Verma…Accuses his teachers and says he learnt from the bullies in the class.

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, fondly known as RGV, has landed himself in a legal mess over a series of tweets defaming teachers on the occasion of Teachers’ Day on Sept. 5.

Some teachers’ groups have now filed police complaints for his rant against them.

Varma had posted a series of comments on his schooling and teachers with hashtag #UnHappyTeachersDay. He started: I never learnt but I always taught, so I am wishing myself Happy Teacher’s Day #UnHappyTeachersDay I hated all my teachers nd n that’s why I bunked classes nd saw films nd that’s why I became filmmaker #UnHappyTeachersDay. More than from teachers,I learnt from bullies in class who gave my first insights into rebel psychology which I employed in Shiva, Satya etc.”

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We don’t find anything wrong with that. Tweeter is there to express your opinions within a reasonable limit of etiquette and decency, but if you don’t like what anyone says strike back with all the venom you can spare on the same platform. RGV really seems to have a score to settle with his teachers!

He has also posted a photo of Teacher’s whiskey bottle and wrote: “My sincere advise to all youngsters on #UnHappyTeachersDay is to not waste time with teachers and learn only from Google. I normally don’t drink whiskey but I loveeeeee Teacher’s Whisky #UnHappyTeachersDay”

That seems one too many! The other day someone accused Rishi Kapoor of having too many in the nights and ranting on social media crossing borders. We are not sure about Amitabh’s drinking habits but his social media posts are sensible, philosophical and meaningful, Perhaps Ranbir Kapoor doesn’t want to cultivate his dad’s social media habits and that is why he keeps to himself.

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Our advice to Verma is if you feel you have offended too many people just do what Aamir Khan (and Narendra Modi) did the other day: a ‘Michhami Dukkadam’.

Teachers are a forgiving lot, but no, we don’t mean the whiskey brand! – CINEWS

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