Randeep Hooda: I was known as a deshdrohi for my Gurugram tweet

Mumbai, April, 18 (CINEWS): After Gurgaon was renamed Gurugram a week ago, Randeep Hooda tweeted his mistake and said that the name doesn’t run with the lingo of the spot. He soon clarified his point in another tweet.randeep-hooda-upcoming-movies1

Letting us know about what incited him to give a clarification, Hooda, whose next film is the Haryana-driven ‘Laal Rang’, says, “I understood that my first tweet did not bode well. I couldn’t account for myself appropriately in 140 characters. In this way, I elucidated it. Additionally, I was entertained by the “deshdrohi” and “against India” reactions I got. Yaar, I am simply communicating my assessment around a spot I have an association with. “Gaon” and “gram” mean the same. The spot is as of now called Gurgaon – Master ka gaon – then why make it Gurugram? It was superfluous. Likewise, in our informal khadi boli of Haryana, we don’t utilize the word gram. It’s either gaon or gaanv. The name needs to mirror the nearby culture. Likewise, I am interested to know, is our history just constrained to what happened 6,000 years back? Shouldn’t something be said about every one of the years that took after? In all actuality the spot has been called Gurgaon for quite a long time. Gurgaon is likewise a greater universal brand than Haryana.”

Discussing how he was trolled for his feeling, he says, “I was given an address on Sanskrit, on history, on our way of life and patriotism.” The performing artist has been a piece of numerous administration capacities in Haryana and as per sources, it was not only the Twitterati that he drew fire from. His take miffed numerous Haryana government officials too, which prompted the “illustrative” tweet.

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