Ranveer Singh opens up around a not really rosy life..

Ranveer is at highest position of career at this point  With so much gratefulness, such a big awards , such huge hits, it is undoubtedly Ranveer is a standout amongst the most sought-after actors, if not the most, at this point. Ranveer-Singh-short-hair

In any case, things weren’t simple for him by any stretch of the imagination. He has battled hugely… Some things you may have known, a few things you didn’t.

Hear it from him:

“I have had some tough life experiences. It’s not all been rosy. I have been through prolonged intense and immense emotional turbulence, financial difficulties… I have been ridiculed, faced racism and humiliation.”

Now, he may seem like a real tough one, but there’s a reason behind all that tough exterior too:

“Being so sensitive isn’t good as it puts you at the mercy of the big bad world. I am an extremist, my feelings are also extreme.”

Well, Ranveer is a perfect example of the fact that struggles don’t last forever if you work real hard.  “CINEWS”

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