Raveena Tandon: I never talk down to my children

Raveena Tandon says that she has never spoiled her children unnecessarily.  The 41-year-old, who has 2 adopted girls Chhaya and Pooja, has two his own children  Ranbirvardhan and Rasha with spouse Anil Thadani, as well. She says that she has never talked down to her youngsters.Raveena_Tandon

“I have dependably been straightforward with my children. Indeed, even with the littler ones, I never child talked them. I never sugar-covered anything for my children. I addressed them about the errors I made, so they don’t commit the same errors,” she says, including, “All the time guardians say “no” to things without comprehension the need to clarify and convey the purpose behind their choice with their kids. This, I feel, is not correct. No matter the age, kids are never too young to not understand and reason,” she says.

She imparts a one of a kind relationship to all her children and is glad for every one of them. “Pooja resemble my closest companion. We barely have a difference of 11 years between us. Our relationship is so distinctive,” she says, including, “I am so glad for the more youthful ones as well. Chhaya has shown excellence in academics and was the youngest member on the team when she joined Jet Airways. Even Rasha and Ranbir are very good in studies. Rasha got an award of excellence at her school last year and Ranbir got it this year. I am so proud of all of them.” “CINEWS”

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