Real Estate Association calls for stronger rules against grow-ops

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The Ontario Real Estate Association is calling for stronger rules to protect home buyers from purchasing former marijuana grow-ops and are proposing several key changes that could protect home buyers going forward.

With the legalization of pot on the horizon, the likelihood of tenants or owners of homes growing pot indoors becomes more of a possibility.

Realtors would love to see a complete ban on the home cultivation of marijuana, however that is quite unlikely to happen.

What the group is instead hoping is that the government at least restricts the number of plants a home owner can grow in a condo or apartment unit 1,000 square feet or smaller to one plant, down from four.

The government seems open to that suggestion as long as the plants must originate from licensed seed or seedling suppliers.

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The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services is currently developing regulations to set qualifications for home inspectors and will consider the real estate association’s proposal as a part of that work.

Meanwhile there is a need for home inspectors to receive training on how to spot the signs of a former marijuana grow operation so that the new owners can decide whether they still want to buy at the price indicated.

The association also wants to ensure all illegal cannabis operations are inspected by a building inspector and it wants all municipalities to be required to register remediation work completed on a property.

Talking to realtors, it is clear that most home buyers ask them if the homes they are being shown were ever used as grow-ops. Currently it is impossible to know for sure unless the house was raided, or a trained inspector has thoroughly inspected the property. Realtors and home buyers would breathe easy once they have all the information on the property they intend investing in. -CINEWS

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