Record-winning $64 million lottery ticket sold in Mississauga

Mississauga, October 23 (CINEWS): Just a few weeks ago, 11 people won Lotto Max ticket worth $60M sold in Brampton, Ont. Now this week
the winning Lotto 6/49 ticket, worth a record-breaking $64 Million, was sold in Mississauga. The winner has yet to come forward but with a spate of big wins in the GTA, the number of people now buying lottery tickets just in lottocase has increased according to two convenience store employees who notice so many more customers buying a single and even multiple tickets.
This win sets a new record for the biggest single Canadian lottery prize ever won. The previous record for a single prize was set a few weeks ago, when a ticket purchased in Ontario won $60 million in the Sept. 25 Lotto Max draw.
Ontario saw other winners as well this week:
– There were four secondary prize winning tickets worth $116,915.80 sold in Ontario – two in Toronto, one in Kitchener and one in the Barrie area.
– Two Encore tickets worth $100,000 each were sold in Hamilton and the Peterborough area.
Since Lotto 6/49 was launched in June 1982, Ontario players have won more than $10.9 billion in prize money, including 1,313 jackpot wins.
Vishal a recently married man has been buying lottery tickets since he was 21. “At my first place of work, I joined a lottery pool. Once we won a few hundred dollars which was shared by us all. After I left I kept buying one lottery
ticket a week and the most I’ve ever won has been $100 and plenty of free tickets,” he says. Needless to say he is banking on a huge win sometime before he retires.
Similarly thousands of lottery buyers are looking for an elusive big win and who knows someone will get lucky. It is after all good to dream, it takes one’s mind off the depressing reality for a while atleast.

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