Recounting Indira, Sonia denounces communal forces

New Delhi, Oct. 31 (ANI): Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Saturday said nothing was more important to former prime minister Indira Gandhi than the unity of the country, while the country’s integrity is at the stake today.

Indira Gandhi believed that without empowering the socially backward classes, Unity in Diversity is not possible” said Gandhi speaking at the Indira Gandhi award for National Integration Programme here.

“Today, the country’s honour is at the stake, as India’s glorious history of Unity in Diversity is in danger due to some communal ideology,” she said in apparent reference to the BJP and the RSS.

Calling upon people to fight back to those communal ideologies, Gandhi said: “It is extremely important for everyone to come together and fight to safeguard the unity and integrity of our nation” (ANI)

On October 31, 1984, the former prime minister was assassinated by her bodyguards.(ANI)

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