Refugee shelter costs taxpayers almost $1mn a month

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A media outlet this week confirmed that the former North York hydro site at 5800 Yonge St. which is now being used as a refugee shelter is costing taxpayers at least $1-million per month.

The city is paying $42,000 per month to the Times Group Corp. to use the site that opened recently.

A city spokesperson confirmed the city has been paying the monthly rent to the owner since January of this year even though the site sat vacant until this week.

It costs the city another $45,000 per month to provide heat and light to this 80,000-square-foot building, about two-thirds of which is being used to house some 200 refugees, 120 of them female and another 80 males.

They purchased the building in early 2018 for $122.5 million.

The cost per day to house each refugee is $140. At 200, that amounts to at least another $840,000 per month.

The facility has been given the name “Willowdale Welcome Centre” and that is the first of its kind in Toronto–a housing program specifically for refugees.

With no sign of anything being done to address border crossings, most of the thousands of illegal border crossers will end up drifting into sanctuary cities/magnets like Toronto and there will soon be need for more refugee centres elsewhere in the GTA. -CINEWS

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