Refugees fleeing war in Syria affiliated with ISIS: Donald Trump

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Washington D.C., Jan 10 (ANI): Republican front-runner Donald Trump told a rally on Friday that refugees fleeing war in Syria were affiliated with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

According to CNN, a 56-year-old Muslim woman, who was seated right behind Trump, stoop up in silent protest after the presidential candidate’s remark and was immediately led out of the rally during his speech.

Trump supporters around Rose Hamid began chanting Trump’s name, as per the instructions given by the campaign staff before the event in case of protests.

They pointed at the woman and the man alongside who also stood up along with Hamid.

As they were escorted out, Trump supporters roared, booing the pair and shouting at them to “get out.”

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Hamid said that one person had been shouting, ‘you have a bomb.’ (ANI)

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