Research sheds light into use of ‘medical marijuana’

Washington DC, June 24 (ANI): Buyer alert for all the medical marijuana users as the data supporting the benefits of cannabinoids is still in a swirl, as most marijuana edibles aren’t well labeled.

Research conducted by the University Hospitals Bristol claims that there is only moderate-quality evidence supporting the benefits of medical marijuana and only for certain conditions, reported Time magazine.

Researchers say that studies evaluated marijuana’s ability to relieve a range of symptoms including nausea from chemotherapy, loss of appetite among HIV positive patients, multiple sclerosis spasms, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, psychosis and Tourette syndrome.

While most studies showed improvements among the participants taking the cannabinoid products, many revealed that the scientists could not be sure that the effect wasn’t simply due to chance since the association was not statistically significant.

Researcher Penny Whiting said that further large, robust, randomized clinical trials were required to confirm the effects of cannabinoids, particularly on weight gain in patients with HIV-AIDS, depression, sleep disorders, anxiety disorders, psychosis, glaucoma, and Tourette syndrome. (ANI)

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