Resident targeted with ‘Swatting’ left traumatized


A Richmond Hill resident was left badly shaken and deeply traumatized when a police SWAT team burst through the door he opened, he was handcuffed, so was his wife, his two young children were escorted out of the house.
In minutes it became evident that the family was a victim of a cruel prank known as ‘swatting.’
An unknown caller told York police that a man at Yan’s address had shot his family with an assaultswatting rifle and was now barricaded inside.
Swatting has become a plague for law enforcement, it is popular among the online gaming community. In some instances, gamers make fake calls to police and watch on screen as SWAT teams burst into their friends’ homes with guns drawn.
Earlier this month a Coquitlam, B.C., teen pleaded guilty to 23 charges related to swatting calls directly primarily at his online rivals in the U.S. Last year, a then 16-year-old Ottawa gamer was charged with 60 offences in connection to at least 30 swatting incidents across North America.

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