Restaurants across U.S. manifest support in favour of marriage equality

New York, June 27 (ANI): After the victory of love in the United States, many restaurants and food chains are showing their support in favour of gay marriage, and leading amongst them is the Chipotle.

The fast-food chain has used social media to show its support for June 26th 5-4 ruling from the Supreme Court in favor of same-sex marriage across the U.S., reported the Time.

Using the phrase “Homo Estas,” which have been used in their previous gay pride events, the company tweeted, “Homo Estas? Very well, thank you. #LoveWins”

Their tweet was met with mixed reactions on social media as some thanked them for bravely exploiting a historic moment for human rights while others asked to keep politics away from food.

The Supreme Court ruling that has opened the doors for the LGBT community is expected to have a wide-ranging economic impact in the nation. (ANI)

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