Results in northeast indicate electoral verdict in 2019: Amit Shah

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New Delhi, March 3 (IANS) BJP chief Amit Shah said on Saturday that the party’s victory in Tripura and its improved performance in Nagaland and Meghalaya was a victory of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policies and indicated towards the popular verdict in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

Terming the party’s victory in Tripura as “historic”, Shah said the people of northeast have put their seal of approval on the policies of the Prime Minister. He said the Congress had been “rejected” in all three states that went to polls in February and has not won even a single seat in Tripura and Nagaland.

“This shows that the people under the leadeship of Modi ji are going with the BJP. As far as the Left parties are concerned, it has been proved that the Left is not right for any part of the country. Nobody likes it. Their defeat in West Bengal earlier — and now in Tripura — is a sign of the rise of Bharatiya Janata Party,” Shah said.

He also referred to the Assembly polls in Karantaka in about two months. “I feel the results in the three states are signs of the results in coming polls in Karanataka and the 2019 Lok Sabha polls. We are going with big preparations in the contest for Karnataka,” Shah said.

Shah said the BJP’s victory run will continue under Modi.

“For five generations, the victory that the BJP workers were probably looking for, we have got today. And this trend of victory will continue under Modi ji,” he said.

Shah said the central government has also worked to bring peace in the northeast and the verdict was a stamp on those efforts.

“The people of the northeast want peace and security. The results show that BJP and its allies will have governments in 21 states, which cover a vast geographical area and population,” he said.

“The money sent by the Centre started getting translated into development under the successful policies pursued by Modi ji. This is a victory of his policies,” he added.

Referring to Tripura, he said the BJP had secured only 1.3 per cent vote and no seat in the 2013 elections.

“The BJP has got majority on its own and the NDA has got 43 seats with over 50 per cent votes. This is the third successive election after Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh where the BJP and its allies have got nearly 50 per cent vote. This is a big achievement,” he said.

He said the party’s ally — Indigenous People’s Front Of Tripura — will be part of the NDA government in the state.

The BJP chief said the alliance had won all tribal seats in the state and it is a good omen for the party and the northeast region.

He said the BJP was at one point considered a party of the Hindi heartland but now has governments across the country.

“The BJP is an all-India party with its MPs in Ladakh, Kerala, and it rules in Kutch to Kohima. The real all-India character of BJP has come out before the people.”

Answering a query, he said the party’s golden period is yet to come.

“Till the (party) governments are formed in Odisha, West Bengal and Kerala, till the time we win Karanataka, the golden period is yet to come. We will form governments in Odisha, West Bengal and Kerala and surely win Karanataka,” he said.



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