Returning awards ‘pointless’, says Kamal Haasan

Chennai, Nov. 3 (ANI): Taking a jibe at the writers and filmmakers who have returned their awards, actor Kamal Haasan on Tuesday said returning national awards was not a good gesture, as it was an insult to the government and the people who awarded them the honour.

“Nothing will happen by returning awards, except you will insult the government as well as people who gave awards to you with love. You bring attention to it, but there are many ways of bringing attention,” Haasan said while speaking to media.

The veteran actor said the award winners should keep their awards, yet continue their fight against intolerance.

“Those people who are returning awards are capable of getting attention very easily, they are talented people, their one article will bring them more attention than returning awards. They should keep the award and make us proud and continue the fight against any government that is not tolerant enough,” he added.

Several writers, artists and filmmakers have returned their awards in protest against growing intolerance and violence. (ANI)

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