Revenant author restricted from ‘discussing’ the film

London, Dec 28(ANI): The marvelous piece of work of Michael Punk has been given a shape through a movie of $135, Revenant, but unfortunately the author has been proscribed to talk about the adaptation.

The 51-year old, author wrote the novel over a decade ago, but his position as the deputy US trade representative and ambassador to the World Trade Organization prohibits him under federal ethics rules from doing any side work, the Independent reports.

The Last Stand author’s wife Traci shared that ‘It’s kind of bittersweet’ and said her hubby is disappointed, who attended the premiere.

Moreover, Fire and Brimstone, author’s brother Tim Punke added that it is literally unbelievable turning a book into a Leonardo DiCaprio movie and he wished he could have talked about it.(ANI)

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