RHCP’s ex guitarist’s wife demands $75K per month in divorce

Washington. D.C., Oct.4 (ANI): Red Hot Chili Peppers’ former guitarist John Frusciante’s estranged wife Nicole Frusciante has demanded 75 thousand dollars as a monthly alimony payment after their divorce.

In her divorce papers, Nicole said that the initial 20,000 dollars payment she got from the ‘Snow’ hit-maker would not be deducted and claimed that she needed the higher payment to maintain her quality of living, TMZ reports.

She added that John, who has closed the vault on their fortune, has left her with a bank account under 30,000 dollars.

The ‘Under the Bridge’ hit-maker’s former wife said that she also wanted the access to his “loot”, which she claims hovers around 14 million dollars.

John and Nicole had filed for divorce in May after being married for nearly 4 years. (ANI)

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