Ridley Scott`s `The Martian` under fire for ‘white-washing’ Asian-American actors

London, Oct 10 (ANI): Though Ridley Scott’s recent direction ‘The Martian’ is doing good on Box Office, but the director is being accused of “whitewashing” the Asian-American characters from his movie.

Andy Weir’s original 2014 novel featured two characters described as Asian-Indian and Korean-American in the book, but watchdog group The Media Action Network for Asian-Americans believes that wrong actors were casted to play them, the Independent reported.

Notably, the Asian-Indian character of NASA’s director of Mars missions, Dr Venkat Kapoor, is played by British black actor Chiwetel Ejiofor in the movie with a changed western name ‘Vincent Kapoor’.

Also, Korean-American character of Mindy Part, who attempts to rescue Matt Damon’s astronaut, Mark Watney, was given to white blonde actress Mackenzie Davis.

MANAA’s founding president, Guy Aoki said that the movie is amazing, but it should not be awarded for casting as Scott changed them to a white woman and black man. (ANI)

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