Rihanna reveals new album cover: A throwback to her first day in day care

Los Angeles, October 8 (CINEWS): Rihanna‘s eighth studio album is now closer to becoming a reality. The 27-year-old singer’s fans have been anxiously awaiting her forthcoming EP, which may or may not be titled R8, and with the Oct. 7 reveal of her new album cover, we’re even more excited for what’s to come!rihanna_2014-wide

While at a private viewing at Mama Gallery in Los Angeles on Wednesday, Oct. 7, RiRi unveiled her new album cover, which was created by Roy Nachum. As you can see above, it’s a photo of Rihanna, which she says was taken on her “first day at day care.” Her 5-year-old self-seems to be holding a balloon and wearing a crown. And the entire album art is covered in braille. Rihanna explained this by saying, “The people who have sight are the most blind.” Very interesting.
The braille on the front cover translates to: “I sometimes fear that I am misunderstood. It is simple because what I want to say, what I need to say, won’t be heard. Heard in a way I so rightfully deserve. What I choose to say is of so much substance that people just won’t understand the depth of my message. So my voice is not my weakness, it is the opposite of what others are afraid of.” And the back cover translates to: “My voice is my suit and armor. My shield, and all that I am. I will comfortably breath in it, until I find the moment to be silent. I live loudly in my mind, so many hours of the day. The world is pin drop sound compared to the boom that thumps and bumps against the walls of my cranium. I live it and love it and despise it and I am entrapped in it. So being misunderstood, I am not offended by the gesture but honored. If they let us…”

Rihanna didn’t divulge many more details about her forthcoming album, but she did reveal another piece of artwork, which looked like a screenshot of the word “anti” from the dictionary. The definition was printed before the following message: “In her collaboration with Roy Nachum, Rihanna has changed the history of album art. By continuing to follow her own instincts, her work strives to make an impact by doing the very antithesis of what the public expects.”

Could Anti be the name of her new album, instead of the initially reported R8?

Ice Cube‘s son O’Shea Jackson Jr., Holly Robinson Peete and Nick Jonas also attended the super secret event, where Rihanna eventually took over the bar and served the attendees some drinks, on Oct. 7. So cool!

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