Rinnai Australia to expand market share in heat and electrical appliances

Melbourne, Sept.15 (ANI): To expand its share in heat and electrical appliances, Rinnai Australia has acquired a contract to manufacture of electric storage-type and water heaters. The work is scheduled to commence from July 2016.

Rinnai Australia began selling room heaters in 1970. The company gained momentum in 1990 by selling gas instant-heating (tankless) water heaters. It has grown to become one of the top manufacturers in Australia’s gas appliance market.

The storage-type water heater accounts for 60 percent of the Australian market. Rinnai Australia has expanded its business by importing and selling electric storage-type water heaters.

The Australian government tightened regulations to restrict the installation of electric storage-type water heaters, however, the regulations was relaxed in 2012.

As per the recent reports, storage-type water heaters are in great demand for meeting Australia’s growing population.

At present Rinnai Australia imports and sells around 40,000 electric storage-type water heaters per year. The new facility is planned to increase that number to around 100,000 in 2020.

Rinnai Australia Pvt . Ltd which is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, is a consolidated subsidiary of Rinnai Corporation, a comprehensive manufacturer of heat and energy appliances. (ANI)

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