Rob Thomas makes a racial statements in Australia

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Los Angeles, Feburary 22 (CINEWS): Rob Thomas apologizes in the wake of making “racist” Joke in Australia Previous Matchbox 20 vocalist Rob Thomas was hit with an influx of feedback after he created an impression in front of an audience while performing in Melbourne on Friday that referenced Native Australians and their liquor misuse battles.

“I drink ’til I believe I’m Australian. And after that I continue drinking ’til I believe I’m a dark Australian,” the Unwell artist clowned in front of an audience, which was met with boos and moans from the group as indicated by

Rob later issued an expression of remorse proclamation saying, “I’m staying here in my lodging room totally gutted that a joke that I made was a great deal more significant to the times in Australia than I understood… I feel like a moron and apologize to all Australians.”

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