Robert Downey Jr. pardoned for drug conviction

Melbourne, Dec. 25(ANI): This Christmas Robert Downey Jr. has received a pardon for his drug offences by the Californian Governer, effectively wiping clean his record.

Jerry Brown pardoned the 50-year-old actor for his nearly 20-year-old felony of drug conviction that sent him to jail for nearly a year, reports

Brown’s office recently announced that Downey was among 91 people granted pardons for criminal convictions after demonstrating they had rehabilitated themselves.

While the pardon does not erase records of a conviction, it does restore voting rights and is a public proclamation that the person has remained out of trouble and demonstrated exemplary behavior.

Downey, who was once a courthouse mainstay for a series of drug-related arrests, has become perhaps Hollywood’s greatest success story for career and addiction rehabilitation. (ANI)

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