Rocky Handsome is John Abraham’s tribute to his idol Sylvester Stallone

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Mumbai, March 4 (CINEWS): John Abraham ,Bollywood’s posterboy for wellbeing and wellness, has never made second thoughts in conceding that he has meticulously taken a shot at his physical make-up , which today is viewed as his greatest USP and most likely the best the business has seen this far.

Consequently it does not shock anyone that the performing artist’s deity is none other than Sylvester Stallone. Truth be told, John has viewed Rough 1V more than 100 times and film was genuinely an impetus in persuading him to be an on-screen character.

Says John, “Sylvester Stallone is the reason I got into movies. Regardless I was awestruck when I viewed Rough IV on the extra large screen interestingly. I needed to be similar to him, the underdog with an extreme outside and a delicate heart.”

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John Abraham now pays tribute to his godlike object with his up and coming film Rough Good looking, which will have heaps of activity such as never seen and for which he assembled a body that would do equity to his part in the film.

Includes John, “For me, just him viewing Rocky Handsomewould be approval enough that I exist in this industry as a result of him.”

In the relatively recent past Sylvester Stallone expressed that John was more jacked (in better) shape than Stallone ever was.

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