Rokitt Inc. enters USD 250 billion IT-Dotcom sphere

New Delhi/New York, Oct.5 (ANI-NewsVoir): Rokitt Inc., a US-based technology company, is transforming the lives of ordinary people (in India and the US) through a slew of new-edge products with a sense of punch and grandeur not often witnessed.

Products that challenge conventional wisdom to positively disrupt the way we work, think and play.

Products that don’t just anticipate, but fulfil, emerging need gaps. Products that forge one-to-one relationships with customers. Products that delight through innovation.

Rokitt’s Co-founder and CTO, Rohit Mahajan said, “We are passionate about innovation, transformation and empowerment, and we do everything with these tenets in mind! We look at various industries through the lens of market disruption and develop intuitive products that will transform and improve the way technology works for humanity.”

The company runs on its unique and multi-dimensional strengths: Firm focus on ahead-of-the-curve digital technologies, highly skilled professionals (curated from the finest educational institutions globally like the MIT and the IITs), out of the box thinking and an infectious, ‘can-do’ attitude. Rokitt’s global presence endows it with wide business and consumer reach, while the company’s cultural understanding allows it to design for universal and niche audiences alike.

Oksana Sokolovsky, Co-founder and President of Rokitt Inc., puts things in perspective: “Yes, Rokitt is a start-up but it’s different from any other. We are a dynamic, energetic and dedicated team that strives to make a difference. The Rokitt culture combines the spirit of a start up with years of professional maturity. Our products and solutions impact the everyday lives of consumers as well as global enterprises and governments around the world,”

Rokitt’s Research Labs – immersed in technology and software engineering – develop and play with next-gen engineering, prototype ideas and engineer algorithms. The company has already developed and delivered leading-edge products is in the domains of Mobile and Web Products, Augmented Reality Experiences, Enterprise Data Recovery, Testing & Security Solutions, Consumer Marketing Applications, Entrepreneurial Portals and Marketplaces, and Financial Services.

Rokitt is also creating digital technology professionals with hands-on skills through its popular Bootcamps in the US and India. These are professionals who will take on decisive roles in tomorrow’s workplaces, and inform the shape of things to come.

The gaming division of Rokitt Inc. – Rokitt Dynamix – has made waves with highly interactive games for mobile devices like ‘Puxers’ and ‘Polar Jam’.

But perhaps the most phenomenal idea slated to emerge from the Rokitt stable is ROAR – the future and king of augmented reality solutions – a visionary product scheduled to impel consumer engagements to new heights across domains as diverse as education, healthcare and communication, and change the way we do business. Indeed, with ROAD, enterprises and ordinary people are going to witness a revolution as big as Google itself!

Rokitt has entered the Indian scenario with WEI and GOLOKAL.

WEI is a platform committed to aiding women entrepreneurs across the world by providing them tangible skills and opportunities of growth and enrichment. GOLOKAL, on its part, is a ‘hyperlocal’ platform designed to help small businesses thrive by promoting themselves in their neighborhoods and engaging with their customers locally.

Finally, the end of the festive season will coincide with the launch of an interesting platform for Home Chefs.

Digital technologies are expected to add USD 1.3 trillion to the global economy by 2020. With over ten innovative products in the pipeline, buzz in industry circles is that Rokitt Inc’s valuation is set to soar. Though currently the organization is self-funded and has not been actively looking for investments, there is a feeling that with such ambitious expansion plans, several venture capitalists and institutions will try to step in the fray and try to acquire a piece of the action. The company spokesperson offered no comment.

Headquartered in New York and with offices in Kiev, Dubai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Gurgaon, Rokitt Inc. is well and truly ready to rock the industry. Stay tuned. (ANI-NewsVoir)

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