Rose Leslie is all praise for her ‘Luther’ co-stars

Los Angeles, April 29 (IANS) Actress Rose Leslie, who stars as Idris Elba’s police sidekick in season four of the BBC police drama series “Luther”, is in awe with her co-actors. The star felt she was “working with a bunch of geniuses” .

Speaking about her experience in the BBC drama series, Leslie, who played Ygritte in “Game of Thrones”, said in a statement: “I personally felt that I was working with a bunch of geniuses. And you know these men are phenomenal. Phenomenal at what they do, from Neil Cross, Sam Miller, Idris Elba to our DOP to our crew to the rest of the cast”.

“Really, there’s absolute camaraderie on set. They just sort of fall into place and then step back out again and then everyone’s kind of like giggling and chuckling and I think that you have to find comic relief in something that is so brutal and nasty with the subject matter,” she added.

Season 4 of “Luther” will air on FX in India on May 2.



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