Rotary Club, Eureka Forbes, Apnalaya partners to provide safe drinking water

Mumbai, July 1 (ANI): In a bid to provide safe drinking water, Rotary Club of Bombay, Eureka Forbes Institute of Environment and Apnalaya came together on Wednesday to inaugurate a water shop as part of the Aquaguard JalJeevan Project, at Rafi Nagar, in Govandi here.

This sustainable social model not only aims to address the growing health issues faced by people in these communities, but also provides a comprehensive platform to generate livelihood for women in the locality.

Rafi Nagar, located adjacent to Shivaji Nagar, is one of world’s largest waste dumping sites, with a long-standing history of poor performance on diverse developmental parameters. The community lacks basic amenities in terms of proper drainage, pipelines to distribute potable water, public health facilities, access to decent housing and sanitary living conditions.

The most innovative aspect of this plant is that it will be run and managed by a self-help group of 4-5 women who will earn a monthly income through this project. These groups will also own and supervise the operations of the water filtration units. They will generate revenue by selling the potable water to the community at Rs 0.50 per litre.

Inaugurating the plant, Shailesh Haribhakti, President, Rotary Club of Bombay, said, “We strongly believe that this economically, sustainable social model will not only provide safe drinking water to the community, but also address the underlying objective of creating sustainable livelihoods, empowering women. I am sure the value of these water shops in these regions would be immense, and express my best wishes to the team running the project.” (ANI)

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