RSS chooses brown trousers over khaki shorts

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Nagpur,Mar. 13 (ANI): The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has decided to replace khaki shorts with brown trouser in view of changing time.

RSS sarkaryvaha (general secretary) Bhaiyyaji Joshi on Sunday said, “We walk along time, and not rigid. Any stubborn organisation cannot develop too big, and that is why we understand ‘kaal’. People use full-pant normally, which we also adopted, and we don’t have any problem with it.”

When asked why the RSS preferred brown over khaki, he said the question would have cropped up even if they would have opted for white or black.

“In fact, there is no particular reason for choosing brown, except that it’s easily available. Your question would have been valid had we chosen saffron, then we would have offered the reason behind that,” Joshi told the media here.

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The dress – white shirts and khaki shorts – was adopted by the Sangh in 1940 to beat the British Government’s diktat, which had banned its ‘ganvesh’. However, during Emergency, the RSS dropped its military-style long boots for black shoes.

However, elaborating on their meeting, Joshi said the RSS cleared three proposals concerning public life.

“There is a shortage of education, hospital and basic amenities, and whatever amenities are available, only a small section of society is benefitted of that. For the past a few years, world class facilities are being developed in India, but there are a big section of people, who because of their financial status, don’t get its benefit,” he said, adding that the RSS has, thus, passed a proposal that the minimum facility should be made available to the people.

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“Similarly, education is also associated with the future generation, especially the school education. No child should be deprived of it. There is no doubt that schools are being constructed, but they lack basic education facilities. And, schools having good basic education facilities are out of the common man’s reach. Thus, we hope that the government and NGOs will work for it,” he said.

Taking about social injustice and inequality, Joshi said, “It is a product of the Hindu society, which needs to be addressed, and everyone should be kept on an equal footing.” (ANI)

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