RTI activist suspects foul play in car usage by Haryana ministers

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Gurgaon, Jan. 16 (ANI): RTI activist Jagjit Singh Walia has raised suspicion over the distances travelled by Haryana Ministers in government cars, saying that the exorbitant distances logged by them points towards ‘foul play’.

“The vehicles used by some of these ministers run over 15, 000 kilometers in a month. And Ram Vilas Sharma’s vehicle has run more than 25, 000 kilometers in a month. The ministers are given two cars; they cannot use both the cars at the same time,” he told ANI here.

“If the cars run that much then it amounts to almost 900 kms per day. The conditions of the roads in Haryana are so bad that it looks very improbable that cars can run 900 kms in a day,” he added.

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Walia said that he had filed an RTI asking for details of cars owned by Haryana ministers and the distance travelled by them in the last one year.

“I had filed an RTI asking for details of cars owned by Haryana ministers , their average, whether they run using petrol or diesel and also details of number of kilometres these vehicles have run in the last one year,” he said.

He further demanded a probe in the matter and urged the state government to make ministers’ travel details public.

“The log book which records their movements should be made public. So that if these cars are being misused then it should be stopped,” he added. (ANI)

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