Ruby Rose finds gunman in backyard, tweets about the panic

Washington DC, July 24 (ANI): What would you do if you see an armed gunman in your backyard? Well, if you were Ruby Rose, you would have shot a video and tweeted.

When the 29-year-old model spotted an armed man in her backyard, who was trying to break into her neighbour’s house but got arrested later, she shot a video of the panic, cop cars on the street and helicopters above her house, reported

The model narrated the clip saying, “Policemen … looking for a f**king gunman,” and she also live tweeted the incident throughout the search saying, “This is petrifying. Helicopters, police, dogs … and a crazy person.”

Though Rose deleted her tweets later, it is unclear if the suspect was trying to get into her house or just running through the neighborhood. (ANI)

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