Ruby Rose rushed to hospital for medical emergency

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Budapest, Dec 13 (IANS) Model-actress Ruby Rose was rushed to a hospital after a silicon earplug got stuck in her ear.

The 32-year-old, who is filming on location in Hungary, took to Instagram on Wednesday to tell fans about it, reports

She wrote: “I’ve had a couple co-stars end up in hospital because of ear plugs from films with gunfire and other loud noises (that) ended up being lodged in their ear canals. I always made fun of them… I will never make fun of them again!”

Rose also shared footage of herself walking into the hospital, which she captioned: “I have a silicon ear plug inside my damn brain and I think this is the scariest hospital I’ve ever seen.”

She later posted a photograph of herself in the empty emergency room, alongside which she wrote: “If you never see me again… I hope my organs went to wonderful people.”

The Australian star continued to pass time by sharing another image of a rather eerie-looking bathroom and an empty hospital bed.

It was then time for Rose to see the doctor, and she uploaded yet another short clip of herself waiting patiently in the office.

Finally, the ear plug was successfully removed and she was able to leave hospital.

She explained after the ordeal: “It took over an hour, three doctors and a lot of screaming, crying and fainting to remove what had become glue around my ear drum – but they did it!”

“Now, to fix my TV… it doesn’t seem to have sound working,” she added, jokingly.



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