Russell Brand’s companion calls him a narrow minded domineering jerk

Los Angeles, October 27 (CINEWS):  Russell Brand has been pummeled as heartless, egotistical, kid-like and a narcissistic harasser in an astonishing impact by a previous buddy.Russell Brand

Recompense winning film chief Ondi Timoner stood up in the wake of declining to pander to Brand in another tell-all narrative. Ondi says the comic turned control monstrosity when she declined to expel a series of scenes from Brand: A Second Coming

Brand, 40, requested she alter out footage of him being captured while high on medications and bare at a dissent, and him talking about tormenting a family canine. However, Ondi can’t. “He requested that they don’t come. It’s simply insane. He’s not content with the last alter and he’s little. A tyke. It’s similar to a schoolyard spook. God prohibit the imperial Russell Brand sours to you. He can’t see past himself. He is a narcissist. What’s more, he’s merciless.”

Subtle elements of his laden association with his father were likewise untouchable. At that point, to rub salt into his injury, Ondi kept in only 10 minutes of the humorist’s new standup material. The narrative catches Brand’s move from a self-admitted sex fanatic to champagne communist and offers an uncommon and straight to the point understanding into his marriage with Katy Perry.

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