Russia launches snap drill in three military districts

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Moscow, Aug 25 (IANS) The Russian Armed forces launched a snap military drill on Thursday involving three military districts bordering Ukraine and the Baltic state, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said.

“The check will be held from August 25 to August 31,” Xinhua news agency quoted Shoigu as saying at a meeting with senior commanders of the Armed Forces, though he did not provide the number of the troops and equipment participating in the drill.

The drill is focused on combating a simulated enemy’s diversionary and reconnaissance actions, Sputnik news agency cited district media.

Shoigu said the exercise would focus on the full cycle of the armed forces to “defend Russia’s interests amid growing security threats.”

In the course of the drill, troops in the southern military district will demonstrate their capacity to rapidly deploy self-sufficient groups of forces for containing crises, Shoigu said.

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The ability of the western and central military districts to beef up forces in the south-western strategic sector will also be checked, he added.

The airborne forces will exercise transportation of troops to unfamiliar areas using various means of landing from aircraft and helicopters, the minister said.

The central, northern, and southern military districts encompasses the contested Crimean peninsula and covers most of the Russian territory except for eastern Siberia and the far east.



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