Russian prosecutors demand prison for opposition leader

Moscow, Aug 1 (IANS) Russian prosecutors on Monday demanded over three years of prison term for leader of the opposition party.

Alexei Navalni was first accused of scamming in 2014 and placed on parole, but prosecutors and the Russian Federal Penitentiary Services asked courts on Monday to sentence him to three and a half years in prison, Efe news reported.

They accused him of missing three meetings with his parole officer, which would violate the terms of his conditional freedom.

The petition, which is not the first since Navalni’s arrest, was made a month before the Russian general elections that are due to take place on September 18.

Navalni and his supporters consider the charges against him over the years as fraudulent.

The opposition leader owes his popularity to the NGO he runs that investigates and denounces corruption within the government.



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