Russna Kaur: Bridging the gap between art and design

Mississauga, February 12 (CINEWS): Toronto based artist and designer, Russna Kaur, works in a variety of mediums including painting, photography, drawing and textile. Through this variety, Kaur bridges the gap between art and design; believing that one always inspires the other. She gravitates towards abstract representation in her paintings, drawings, collages and designs, leaving the interpretation of her work open to the viewer’s unique RussnaKaurperspective at a specific moment in time. She plays with colour and form to anchor certain parts of her compositions, allowing other areas to continue to flow within the piece.
“I am inspired by everyday experiences. The simplest things can make me want to paint,” says Kaur. “Ideas about composition can come from the way a pile of papers are stacked or the reflections seen in a stainless steel tap. Colour palette inspiration can come from an article of clothing I saw someone wearing or a plate of food I was served. Often my pieces come together like a puzzle; the composition becomes something I have to solve by adding colour or making a mark in one spot, and then maybe taking it away and putting another colour or mark in its place if it doesn’t work or adding to it if it does.”
Kaur has exhibited works throughout Ontario in cities such as Toronto, Waterloo, Chatham-Kent, Stratford, Caledon and Picton. Kaur has shown at internationally recognized juried exhibitions such as Toronto Art Expo, Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, CONTACT Photography Festival and SURTEX in New York. She has also exhibited works in Vancouver, BC at the Interior Design Show West and has completed a summer internship at Emily Carr University of Art and Design.
Her works can be found in private collections across Canada.
Kaur graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Waterloo in April 2013. Initially enrolled in their Life Science program as a Biology major with the intentions of pursuing medical school, she switched to Fine Arts after two years. After graduating she began designing Indian clothing at “Khoobsurat Klothing”, her mother’s boutique. After getting into a car accident on Christmas Eve of that year (2013), she decided to pursue art as a career.
“I have exhibited in galleries and shows across Toronto, as well as done a show in Vancouver and New York. I license my artwork to companies so they can use my art on their products. When I went to New York for a licensing show, I was approached by a publisher who presented my work to Chapters Indigo. Thankfully they liked my work and now it is scheduled to be in Chapters Indigo locations across Canada, as art prints on canvas.
“My goal is to have my work accessible to everyone,” explains Kaur. “Not everyone can afford or wants an original work of art, some people just want to be able to spend $40 on a print and hang it up in their home. I want everyone to be able to enjoy my art whether they’re spending $40 or $1,400.
What are her future plans? “This year I will be doing the Artist Project in Toronto which begins at the end of next week. I will also be participating in the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas in June.

See Russna Kaur’s art on display at The Artist Project, Contemporary Art Fair at The Better Living Centre (Exhibition Place) from February 18 to 21. Her booth number is 322.

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