Sadhvi Prachi’s remark an ‘insult to Parliament’: Congress

New Delhi, Aug. 7 (ANI): Taking strong exception to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Sadhvi Prachi’s ‘terrorists’ remarks, Congress leader Pramod Tiwari on Friday said the former’s statement is an insult to the Parliament.

“I take strong objection to the statement of Sadhvi Prachi. This is an insult to the constitution, this is an insult of the democracy and this is an insult of the Parliament. Parliament is a place where we go for discussion, we make the law and if she is calling that ‘terrorists are sitting there’, then she is insulting the Parliament of India,” Tiwari told ANI.

“I request the BJP to persuade and issue instruction to their fellow members…any statement should not come which creates any bitterness among the people,” he added.

The controversial BJP leader had stirred another row by reportedly saying, “It is a big misfortune that in the Indian Parliament, we have one-two terrorists sitting there. I do not think there can be a bigger misfortune for India than this as they who, are disobeying the judgement of a court, because the court has proved that he (Yakub) is a terrorist. When the court has already proved so, those supporting the terrorist are terrorists themselves I believe.” (ANI)

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