Safer to work with a first-time director: Pavan Malhotra

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Mumbai, June 2 (IANS) Actor Pavan Malhotra says that he has no apprehensions at working with a first-time director as it is a safer option, and that was one of the reasons he trusted the vision of his “Missing On A Weekend” director Abhishek Jawkar.

“It was my personal greed to work with youngsters.. you always receive something new from them. It’s also Abhishek’s first film and I’m often asked that ‘Aren’t you taking a chance working with a first-time director?’

“If you see usually, it’s safer to work with first-time director because they put their whole life into it. In fact, there are numerous examples of directors whose first films are very good,” Pawan said about his reasons of doing “Missing On A Weekend”.

The film traces the journey of a group of friends, who set out to Goa to celebrate the birthday of one of their group members. However, the joyride turns into a freak trip for them when they are confronted with numerous criminal elements, with the youngsters having to battle for their life.

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Pavan, as the police officer investigating the case, is tasked with the mammoth responsibility of solving the case and knowing the whereabouts of the victims as well as the criminals.

“Missing On A Weekend” stars veteran singer Hariharan’s son Karan among others and is presented by The Red Bulb Studios and Adept Films. It will hit the screens on June 24.



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