Salman Khan blessings Jesus Christ portrayal to Bigg Bosshousemates

Mumbai, December 28 (CINEWS):  Salman Khan spent the eve of his 50th birthday, shooting a scene of his existence appear ‘Bigg Boss9’. The team and housemates had an extraordinary astonishment in store for the star, why should willing give his gathering a miss keeping in mind the end goal to finish his shooting plans.salman-jesus-sketch

While the “BB9” team composed a little gathering, the competitors sorted out a fortune chase themed birthday exceptional for the genius. Every part stowed away blessings in diverse areas around the house and left pieces of information for Salu to discover.

After effectively discovering a top, a protein shake, cake and cards, the housemates likewise skilled him a substantial canvas for him to draw on.

Salman was so content with his canvas, that he promptly got down to portraying a picture of Jesus Christ. The on-screen character, who is likewise a craftsman, portrayed out the substance of Jesus inside of 5-minutest and skilled it back to the housemates.

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