Salman Khan’s trainer for “Sultan” staying at his Panvel farmhouse?

Mumbai, October 11 (CINEWS): Hollywood fight choreographer, Larnell Stovall, who is preparing Salman Khan for “Sultan” has obviously moved into his Panvel farmhouse for anytime prep.Salman-Khan-Sultan-works-begins-in-Los-Angeles

Salman Khan has begun preparing up for his wrestler part in Sultan under the supervision of global fight choreographer Larnell Stovall. Also, if sources are to be trusted, the star is facilitating the burly trainer at his Panvel farmhouse.

“Salman has been staying at his farmhouse throughout a previous couple of months to prepare for the role This fills two needs: sparing drive time and maintaining a strategic distance from distractions. Along these lines, he thought it is insightful to have Larnell and some other crew members set up there as well,” a source says.

The schedule will extend crosswise over three weeks, says a unit hand, including: “so, for the following 20 days, Salman’s farmhouse is home for every one of us. He is a gracious host and has been taking good care of his trainer.”

The representative for the film says, “Salman commenced his day by day four-hour training for “Sultan” with action director Larnell Stovall and group who have been flown in from Los Angeles to prepare the performing artist in wrestling and mixed martial arts for the following two months.”

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