Salman’s newest fan is a seven-year-old girl

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Salman…Sultan is breaking records.

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan had more than his fair share of controversies and brickbats in his career, perhaps much more than any other actor in Bollywood.

The testimony to his massive popularity is Salman’s latest film ‘Sultan’  which has broken all the records at the box office. The Eid release crossed the Rs 300 crore mark worldwide in just five days since its release. The sports-drama is being touted to be the highest grossing Bollywood film in terms of opening weekend collection worldwide.

Recently in an emotional post he thanked his family for standing by and putting up with him. Who also put up with him and adores him day by day are legions of his fans of all ages.

A new fan has joined this ever increasing army of his devotees. She is just seven years old!

Why does she love ‘Sultan’?

Seven-year-old Ananya Mujumdar went to watch the film soon after it was released. The Mumbai girl enjoyed the movie so much that she wrote a letter on why she loved ‘Sultan’.

As Ananya’s mother — Deepti Mujumdar, a professor of English literature at Patkar College — describes on her Facebook post, “We went to watch SULTAN for our 7.5 year old daughter who is a sport enthusiast. She thoroughly enjoyed the movie, cried when Sultan went down in the movie, cheered him when he won.” And the girl decided to writer a letter  to her hero.

We are yet to hear how Salman will react to the letter. -CINEWS

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