Same sex marriage verdict: Couples planning weddings anticipating US SC’s nod

Fairfax County (United States), June 25 (ANI): With the United States Supreme Court set to issue a judgement on whether state bans on same sex marriage are constitutional, couples across the country are busy planning their weddings, anticipating a positive judgement.

The court will decide if the U.S. states should be required to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples and if a state should be forced to recognise a gay marriage performed in another state.

If the court gives a nod to same sex marriages, thousands of couples are expected to rush to local courthouses, reported USA Today.

A couple in Mississippi has already started laying plans for a January wedding. Another in Michigan is eyeing an outdoor sculpture garden in next May.

A Tennessee couple, who were engaged last October, have decided to marry in a year regardless of the court’s decision. (ANI)


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