Sanjay Leela Bhansali confronts feedback!

Mumbai, December 6 (CINEWS): Sanjay Leela Bhansali confronted a considerable measure of reaction from the Peshwa family, as they were not content with the way the recorded characters are being depicted in his film Bajirao Mastani. He has additionally composed a public statement, where he was blamed for discoloring Rao’s picture, and, in addition, Mastani and Kashibai.sanjay-leela-bhansali-khalnayak-Remake-Rights

All things considered, it’s not over for SLB yet! This one is less of a slap all over, it’s to a greater degree a blaze of mockery.

This is what Bharath Dabholkar said on his Facebook profile:

“It may not be the most political thing to say in public, but it has been weighing at the forefront of my thoughts so I should say it. I abhor working with a chief like Ananth Mahadevan. I as of late acted in a period film coordinated by him and was appalled with his obsessive adhering to the right verifiable and character points of interest of the period, i.e. 1890.

I continued letting him know about imaginative freedoms one ought to take yet he wouldn’t move. I gave him numerous imaginative proposals that would have made the film “sexier” so to say, yet he continued turning them down saying that won’t be genuine, that character is genuine and he/she wouldn’t carry on like that in that time. That is to say, go ahead, what’s this obstinacy?

Just to give you a few samples, in one scene, set in the 1890s, the hero wins a case in a British court. So I recommended that to exhibit her joy she ought to drop her pallu and move on the judge’s work area, with the bailiff and others moving in melody line and judge joining in, tossing noticeable all around his white wig. He said NO.

In another scene there is this young lady traveling to another country with a major bag, so I proposed that we can put a dead body in that bag so she can dump it mid – ocean (will help crowds to remember late murder cases, so topical and captivating, you would concur ) he said NO. What’s more, the rundown continues endlessly. I became ill and tired of this adhering to the legitimacy of that period.

I would rather work with Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who takes these inventive jumps (and damn chronicled substances). Peshwa’s wife hitting the dance floor with her sauten in an appealing midriff demonstrating move (so delightfully suggestive). On the other hand, the Peshwa moving and mouthing words like ‘Dushman chi wat laavli (so topical thus near how today’s tapori Maharashtrians would talk, and in this way so relatable to the adolescent.) He could have likewise said that I can’t do this on the grounds that my film depends on genuine chronicled characters and I need to stick to legitimacy, yet he didn’t. More quality to his tribe. And afterward there are these chiefs like Shri Mahadevan, chhya!! So Mr. Mahadevan, I would prefer not to act in your movies any longer. So next time you need a gorgeous and gifted performing artist, look somewhere else.

Much obliged to you.”

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