Sarcasm is not something Indians understand: Farah Khan


Farah Khan…It is tough to be fake in the industry.

Choreographer-filmmaker Farah Khan says sarcasm is not something which Indians understand.

She says she has faced lot of criticism for being honest at times, and she believes it  is tough to be fake in the industry. “It’s not difficult for me to be real (in Bollywood), but it gets difficult for me when I read an article the next day. Most of the time, when I am joking and saying something with sarcasm or with a sense of humour, but, that doesn’t come across in the article.

“You even get trolled for something that you have not said… It doesn’t come across the way you said it,” Farah said. “Sarcasm is not something which Indians understand very well… They take it literally. That gets difficult. Having said that, it’s difficult for me to be fake,” she added.

She is an individual who doesn’t mind expressing what she feels. Judging by the recent trend in Bollywood she is not alone. There are many celebrities who are talking about women-centric and other social issues openly without worrying about the repercussions.

 Farah says she has got bored with her choreography career.

“I am bored of choreographing now. Also when you get a taste of directing a movie, it’s different. I choreograph once in a while but to go and do that every day on the sets, I can’t do I find it boring.”

Farah Khan, who has choreographed several songs for multiple film directors, says the most creative of them all is Mani Ratnam. “The most creative director I have worked with is Mani Ratnam. My best work was in ‘Dil Se..’ and ‘Alaipayuthey’. He really finds something different to do in the songs. Sometimes it doesn’t gel with the movie, but when you see it as a song, you will fall in love with it,” Farah said earlier. – CINEWS

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