Saudi diplomat must be punished as per Indian, Nepalese law

New Delhi, Sept.9 (ANI): Senior Advocate Pramila Naisargi on Wednesday said the Saudi diplomat who has been accused of allegedly raping two Nepalese women in Gurgaon should be punished according to both Indian and Nepalese law.

“He can’t do such shameful activities in his own country, and if he tries to do so, he will be hanged and stoned to death,” Naisargi said.

Pramila Naisargi told ANI, ” When people from Saudi comes to another countries they use the freedom as whatever they want to do ,they can do, because they are not amenable to their own law that’s the reason we say people should not be restricted.”

“If you restrict their feelings it will come out as a volcano. This is why people must have a normal life and in Saudi it is not happening. But that doesn’t mean they will do whatever they want to do in other countries,” she added.

Naisargi said, “The person who is raping is from Saudi and the person who is raped is also from outside the country so here international law intervenes.”(ANI)

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