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Save cows to strengthen agrarian economy: German activist

Mathura, May 29 (IANS) A German woman who has been running a ‘gaushala’ here for long says that the government should work to make keeping cows at homes and farms profitable.

Padamshri Sudevi, nee Fredrike Irene Bruening, runs a cow shelter, Radha Surabhi Gaushala, in Radhakund in Mathura district which houses more than 1,800 cows and provides treatment to old, sick and injured cows in the Braj area.

“Gaushalas can be helpful… But the need right now is to make ‘gau sewa’ profitable for the owners of the cows,” she said.

Sudevi said the government should promote cow protection in big way to save agriculture.

“People are consuming poison, falling sick and are victims of all kinds of diseases because the grains, vegetables and milk they consume, everything is contaminated. Chemical fertilizers are ruining agriculture. Cow dung and cow’s urine are full of safe nutrients.

“The government should work on policies that would make keeping cows at home or farms profitable. Subsidized fodder, cheaper medicines, and perhaps buy back of cow dung could help,” she said.

Sudevi urges the government to promote the use of cows for farming and organic products.

“The government should allocate land in each village and organise purchase of gobar (cow dung) by the kilos. This should be turned into useful manure and other products including medicines.

“Returning to cow-based farming will prevent people from falling sick. Traditional farming techniques are good and time tested. Modified seeds are doing a lot of harm,” she said.




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