School safety videos remind drivers to always be alert and aware

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As students head back to the classroom, CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO) is releasing three new school safety videos to remind drivers of the importance of road safety during the school season.

The school safety reminder comes on the heels of a recent survey conducted for CAA SCO which shows 32 per cent of Ontarians admit to driving distracted and drivers with less than 10 years of experience are more likely to be distracted behind the wheel.

“Drivers need to pay extra attention in school zones and residential neighbourhoods, especially before and after school hours because students can be easily distracted by friends and electronic devices. Drivers should also always avoid talking or texting on their phone. Taking your eyes off the road, even for a second, can have dire consequences,” said Elliott Silverstein, Government Relations Manager, CAA SCO.

“The Ontario Provincial Police continue to see inattentive related driving as a leading cause of death and injury on Provincial Highways. Countless more inattentive related collisions result in needless traffic congestion and inconvenience for thousands of motorists every day. The OPP’s priority is public safety and we will continue to patrol the highways ensuring that all drivers have their complete attention on driving. We also encourage all passengers to speak up if they see their driver is distracted. Together we can make the roads safer. Put down the phone and focus on the road,” said Chief Supt. Chuck Cox, Commander, Highway Safety Division, OPP.

CAA SCO is reminding drivers to stay alert and remember to:

  • Avoid talking or texting on your phone or activities that may take your attention away from the road.
  • Always check for children on the sidewalk, driveway and behind your vehicle before backing up.
  • Slow down and pay extra attention in residential areas and school zones.
  • Be ready to stop at all times as children may dart out between parked vehicles.
  • Come to a complete stop for school buses when red lights are flashing. If you fail to do so, you could face a fine of up to $2,000 and six demerit points.

The three school safety videos focus on driving your kids to school, sharing the road with school buses and walking to school.

Meanwhile, CAA School Safety Patrollers will be back in action helping their classmates get to and from school safely. There are 55 police services, 800 schools and approximately 20,000 elementary school students inOntario involved in the CAA School Safety Patrol program.

The survey was conducted by an independent research firm. The margin of error for this study is 3.5 per cent.

As a leader and advocate for road safety and mobility, CAA South Central Ontario is a not-for-profit auto club which represents the interests of 2 million members. For over a century, CAA has collaborated with communities, police services and governments to help keep drivers and their families safe while travelling on our roads. – CNW

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