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Schools are educating/indoctrinating our children


Recently I was at a family gathering with a couple of high school and college teenagers in attendance when the conversation veered into the territory of politics. These students made it clear they were all either NDP or Liberal supporters because they were convinced that these parties really cared for them and the environment. They were convinced that only these parties had a progressive agenda when it came to addressing climate change, student debt and economic inequality in society. They all condemned the Conservatives as being out of touch and racist. I have heard such feelings expressed by Middle-School children as well and it is no coincidence that most Canadian school and college students have the same thought process because they are being educated/indoctrinated by their teachers and professors who are aggressively or subtly pushing an increasingly progressive leftist agenda on students with impressionable minds. Indoctrination is no longer dependent upon the political beliefs of teachers. Take the recent hysteria surrounding climate change, a genuine issue that has been blown out of proportion. It leaves room for teachers to weigh in on politics and policies of the government even in geography class. It is so simple for teachers to transform course material into blatant political propaganda. It is the same thing when the class is discussing gender studies, social issues like feminism and the LGBTQ+ movements. One and only one viewpoint is literally shoveled into the minds of students and any student who dares question or counter a particular argument is quickly shut down and condemned by the teachers and other hysterical classmates.
When it comes to history, it is revisionist history that is pushed. Kids are being told repeatedly that the settlers were evil men who perpetrated genocide on Indigenous tribes. Children are left reeling by all these revelations that make them believe Canada is a racist and horrible place.
At that family gathering, two teenagers were telling me that the Trans Mountain pipeline was a catastrophic mistake etc. According to these teens, nothing less than shutting down Alberta’s dirty oil industry would be acceptable. According to them, Alberta’s unemployed oilmen could easily find jobs setting up solar panels and windmills etc. They were led to believe by their ‘education’ that governments make a spurious economic argument to continue drilling for oil and mining for minerals because they want to protect big business. Never mind that all of these students use cars to get around and their smartphones require rare metals that need to be mined.
While these teens were talking animatedly, their terrified parents sat silently so I too decided to follow their example until dinner time when the self-righteous bunch of teenagers all gravitated to vegan and vegetarian dishes and gave us adults accusatory looks as we helped ourselves to meat. They were vegan because animal cruelty is unacceptable and causes greenhouse gases. One teen complained loudly that she could not get her parents to turn vegan!
Teachers who are left-leaning and Liberal party supporters have no qualms foisting their beliefs and agendas on students. The job of a teacher is to be impartial and encourage students to think independently and make up their own minds. That means teachers should be giving students both sides of an argument instead of presenting only one that is considered ‘progressive’. One high school teacher in a class discussion on climate change spoke about how PM Justin Trudeau was the only Canadian leader taking climate change seriously. She continued to extoll his virtues saying that he offered us all a valuable lesson on taking ownership of a mistake and apologizing, like he did over the Black and Brownface scandal. She was not done and continued to gush on about her belief that the Liberals under Trudeau are kind to refugees and immigrants, unlike those horrible Americans led by President Trump. Is this education? Ask any student if their teachers have discussed Ontario Premier Doug Ford and you will find that he has been painted as a villain who is gutting the school system etc, etc. On issues like LGBT, veganism, indigenous rights, refugees, racism and of course climate, our children are being presented with one viewpoint only and anyone who even attempts to debate them on any aspect of their beliefs risks trouble. At one time it was commonly believed that to ensure peace, one didn’t discuss politics or religion, these days that list is a lot longer. If you are sitting with teenagers trying to bridge the generation gap, don’t expect them to ask you for some sagely advice, be prepared instead to be lectured and hectored for not towing the Liberal party line.


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