Scootsy to deliver gifts, decorations, toys and books in a flash

New Delhi, Dec 21 (ANI): Scootsy, a Mumbai-based discovery and delivery service introduces its magic to answer the eleventh hour shopping needs. From special gifts for the kids, to exotic chocolates to gourmet eats, Scootsy will make gifting easy.

Scootsy is offering curation feature, which will ensure that each item has been screened for quality by Scootsy’s very own tastemakers. When a person places an order, they can choose from a list of categories: toys from Hamleys for kids, sports gear for him, designer wear or that latest literary bestseller for her.

This range of special Christmas offerings can be viewed and ordered only on the Scootsy 2.0 version of the app. This upgrade offers an evolved user interface, new search, filters and overall a more superior user experience. The continued emphasis is on quality and instant gratification that are a hallmark of the brand. The new version is out on iOS and the Android version is to be launched soon.

Sandeep Das, CEO, Scootsy said, “With our brighter, sharper and smoother 2.0 edition, we are now ready to add more cheer to Christmas. We have made gifting, decorating your home and entertaining much simpler. We are very excited to sign up with Hamleys who are known for their excellent selection of toys.”

“What makes Scootsy stand out is its guarantee of last mile delivery- right from the finest offerings in the city curated by our tastemakers, to our trained and well-presented riders catering to our customers’ every need. It is a unique combination to ensure the best quality experience,” added Das.

One valuable new attribute of this app is the Discover facility that enables customers to make easy eating and gifting choices. From gourmet and restaurant food, quirky gifts, books, sports equipment, clothes and shoes as well as SOS essentials, Scootsy 2.0 makes the process of discovering and consuming absolutely unrivalled and incomparable in terms of design, choice, quality assurance and experience. (ANI)

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